Myungsoo dating you

At the time, l’s agency woollim denied that the two were dating however, in november of last year, kim do yeon confirmed that the relationship scandal two months prior from september was true, and declared that she would take action against the netizens who were continuously posting malicious comments, throwing the incident back into the.

Does myungsoo from infinite likes you jessicajsy 1 7 myungsoo: if we are dating, and one day, you find out that i cheated on you with some girl, how would you. To the beautiful you definitely bloomed something between this two is well known by their fans that sulli and minho were awkard with each other.

Dongwoo sep 02 2016 1:45 pm hello myungsoo-oppa i am a huge fan of yours and wish you all the best in the future, whether it may be about your career, personal life or. Infinite, kim myung soo, l, cheongdamdong,seoul south korea 17,499 likes 8 talking about this this is a fanpage that is dedicate to l from infinite.

  • Myungsoo knew who he was dating, his ex myungsoo fell to the ground on his knees, sehun, please date her she's gonna die in 3 weeks and she wished for you to date her before she dies sehun didn't want his sister to die sad so he nodded.
  • Give it away (yandere kpop x reader) myungsoo (infinite) there's rumor going around that i'm dating you-you stepped away from him, your eyes on the ground.
  • Kim myung-soo (born march 13, 1992 rumours about him dating several girls at the same time or getting in a fight for dating someone else’s girlfriend was a dime.

Another one bites the dust: infinite's l caught in dating love and what did you do with it infinite’s l is the latest idol to be caught up in a dating. Son-naeun-and-myungsoo-dating: son naeun and myungsoo dating we are hiring sign up sign in pricing explore about blog l kim myung soo does not belong to you. [+162, -2] if you're going to date anyone at all, you should date a fellow idol why would you date someone like her myungsoo-ya, what's wrong with you 6.

Myungsoo dating you
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